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Dehcos Skin & Hair Professionals

HJM Peeters
Wilhelminastraat 19b
5991AX  Baarlo Ln

The name Dehcos stands for Désirée En Henry COSmetics. Désirée Zelissen and Henry Peeters are the passionate founders of the salon. Dehcos Skin & Hair Professionals stands for quality, expertise and personal contact with the customer. With the website and webshop, Dehcos is able to provide customers with high-quality products and good service.

We strive for personal treatments with which you are cared for in every detail by one of our specialists. We work with you to determine what your wishes are and what is best for you.

We are a mix of professionals in the area of skin improvement, wellness and hair treatments, wedding arrangements and product advice. We also offer high-quality products in both our webshop and our store that you can use at home.

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